A Meeting with Eli Jaxon-Bear Series - 05-20-20

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A Meeting with Eli Jaxon-Bear: Eli & Gangaji - Stop The Train
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Meetings with Eli offer the opportunity to recognize the deepest truth of who you are and to be supported in living a life true to this realization.

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Eli Jaxon-Bear was born Elliot J. Zeldow in Brooklyn, New York, in 1947. His eighteen-year spiritual path started in 1971, when he was a federal fugitive during the Vietnam war. After a search took him around the world and into many traditions and practices, his path and his search ended when he was pulled to India in 1990, where he met his final teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. Confirming Eli's realization, his teacher sent him back into the world to share his unique psychological insights into the nature of egoic suffering in support of self-realization. Eli currently meets people and teaches through the Leela Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace and freedom through universal self-realization. He is the author of An Outlaw Makes It Home:The Awakening Of A Spiritual Revolutionary, Sudden Awakening, and The Enneagram of Liberation: From Fixation to Freedom; he is the editor of Wake Up and Roar:Satsang with Papaji.
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