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Flying Focus Video Bus: International Women Peacemakers (2005) (part 1)
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Video as a tool for social change, voicing the voiceless.


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Sunday, January 16, 2033
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Flying Focus member Yvonne Simmons (1946-2022) traveled to many countries in 2005 and put together this show featuring women peacemakers she met on her travels. Giuliana Sgrena, Italian journalist from the Rome Il Manifesto newspaper, spoke to Yvonne about her ordeal in Iraq as a hostage and on her release being shot by US soldiers on the way to the airport. She described the physical pain, and the trauma of having the man who tried to protect her fall dead on top of her. She spoke about the politics involved. --------------- Marie Botey of DonesXDones described the conference "The Female Meditations: A Practice of Peace" held in Barcelona, Spain in early 2005 and its inception. Thandi Modise from South African talked about AIDS and the Truth and Reconciliation Tribunals and their painful success. Sanam Anderlini from Iran spoke at the conference about the need for women's perspectives and involvement in peace negotiations. As Yvonne liked to say "Listen to the women for a change."
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