Community Media Impact Survey

WE NEED YOUR HELP! By completing this short survey you will help Open Signal illustrate the importance of Community Media in Portland! The information you provide will be used to:

  • 1) Create a visual impact map of our community,
  • 2) Provide details about the organizations, community groups, houses of worship, and others that have benefitted from videos produced by Community Producers, and
  • 3) Capture the experiences you've had as a result of your participation.

If you have any questions about this form, please get in touch with Bea Bedard:
If you would like to complete this form anonymously:

  • 1) Copy this link:
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We may want to get in touch with you if we have follow up questions about your experience. Your name and contact information will NOT be made public. Response to these questions is not required.
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This information will be used to populate a map identifying all of the amazing community organizations, groups and places our Community Producers have been with Open Signal production equipment, or as a result of knowledge gained from our workshops. Please share as much as you like!
The following questions help us understand the impact Open Signal has had on you personally, and on your ability to share important content with the community.